Ceska verze

Web hosting

This service provides access to your web applications for internet public.

It includes starting your domain and its hosting in the server. E-mail service (name@company.com) is a standard part of the hosting and FTP access to your data, which enables a full control and changes of your web application. Servers use the UNIX type operation system. They support and offer HTML technologies, PHP 5.x server scripting, MySQL database servers (5.x). Other incidental technologies we can additionally provide for you on agreement.

Connection speed and safety:

Fast accessibility of an internet server is, alongside the reliability of the server performance and variety of the offered services, the basic presumption of the quality internet presentation.

The servers are physically placed directly on a spinal net of the GTS CZECH, a.s. company what guarantees a stable and fast access both from the Czech Republic and abroad. The locality is interconnected with a primary optic line.

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